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Our commitment to sustainability

The devastating coronavirus pandemic provides us with an opportunity to create a new, sustainable reality. It is a one-time shot to change course that we simply cannot afford to miss. And whether it’s about public or private investments, it’s crucial we make sure that the world’s trillions of dollars of green stimulus money, intended for kickstarting environmental renewals whilst creating and retaining jobs, actually go to sustainable projects.

Agreeing with this statement, Cemtec-Digital has spent many efforts developing a wide-range of technological solutions, which will help our clients in their journey towards a more sustainable future. We are confident that our solutions will play a major role in keeping global warming under the 1.5 °C of preindustrial levels and therefore avoid its most detrimental effects.

Sustainability is our commitment

We thrive on innovation

Innovation is a word so widely used that it is on the risk to suffer from inflation. Moving forward, we need to understand that not all technological inventions are the kind of innovation we need. In fact, we should only count as innovation the kind of green initiatives that move the world to a more sustainable direction.

At Cemtec-Digital we are not only providing solutions to our clients which are countering the many unresolved issues and therefore the visible effects associated with the production of mineral resources, but also focusing on identifying the root-cause for these problems that our clients are facing.  Through our innovative products, we seek to make a substantial contribution to decreasing the energy consumption of mineral processing plants. Improving energy efficiency will prove decisive for European competitiveness and represents a win-win option in the fight against climate change.

Side note

In the future, consumers will expect carbon neutrality from companies across all industries. We invite you to get in contact with us now and together we will try to set those goals now, so that you still have the chance to make zero-carbon production a strategic competitive advantage. Don’t wait any longer and act now, or tightening regulations and timelines will decide the future for your company.

Climate neutrality and looking to the future through sustainability.

Example Cemex Rudniki in Poland

Our contribution to the environment through our digital products using the example of Cemex Rudniki in Poland.

The installation of a CEOPS system in connection with 5 mills resulted in an annual energy saving of >5%. This corresponds to 2,000MWh of energy savings, with which the production capacity was increased by additional 44,000tpa.

Furthermore, depending on the market situation, the use of the system can generate an additional income of $470,000/year!

Unser Beitrag für die Umwelt am Standort Enns (Headquater): Solar Rooftopanlage mit einer Leistung von 400 kWp.

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