The Challenge

During pelleting, the material is processed over a rotating plate by admixturing binders to granules, of a predetermined size.

In a subsequent classification process, pellets that exceed or fall below the predefined particle size are sorted out and recycled in the process. This internal recycling of the oversize or undersize material is not only expensive, but leads also to a reduction in the production throughput of the pelleting plant. In addition to the chemical composition of the raw materials (raw material, water, binder) the process also depends on the dwell time on the plate.

In order to optimize the efficiency of the pelleting process, a real-time analysis of the produced granulate is required. This information can be utilized to flexibly respond to changes in the process conditions and thus increasing both the product quality and the production throughput.

To summarize:

As a manufacturing company, you are looking for a solution that allows you to increase product quality while simultanously reducing production costs.

In order to achieve this, a qualitative recording of the pellet size distribution in real time will be one of the prerequisites.


The COPA-System


The COPA system is designed to monitor pellet size distribution on pelletizing discs.

The COPA system allows for the automation of sampling and sample testing, and continuously provides information on the current size distribution.

The information can be used to control the system and to control the quality of the pellets.

The system records the grain size distribution in real time.


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